IBI Group Holdings Limited is a publicly listed holding company on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, focused on investments in the Built Environment.

The Group’s investments whilst principally centering around the role of contracting, include businesses providing innovative, high quality manufacturing and supply solutions across a diverse range of the built environment. Our mission is to deliver premium products, services and customer experiences with a strong influence of innovation, sustainability and wellness.

IBI Group Companies


Specialising in world-class interior fit-outs and building refurbishments, as well as offering a range of other building professional services. Through our expertise, our international client base are able to “Build Better”.


Building Solutions provide products and services that enhance the performance and well-being of the built environment and those within it. With a focus on air quality and sustainable building materials, BSL designs and implements custom solutions for clients that care.


Making strategic investments in companies who lead their field in building innovation and technology. IBI Investment Holdings identify and invest in well managed companies whose focus is underpinned by a passion for innovation and a constant drive for efficiency.

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